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Sneezing Cat

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Our "Phantom" is almost l year old. She has been sneezing the better part of 24 hours. We noticed last night when she came out from under the china cabinet. We cleaned and blocked up the hole she crawled into. She's eating and can sleep but once she's awake it's like allergies. Do you think she's allergic to people? :D Is it okay to go away and leave her for a couple of days? I left a message on the board for Soph as well. Thanks for the help anyone might have.

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I think she is allergic to cats! LOL


I don't have any help for you. I have a cat that has sneezed his entire life. He also has weepy eyes which can get kind of crusty so we clean them when needed. He's been treated several times without success so we gave up. He's just weird.

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I'm liking that, just weird! :)


Mine is officially designated weird for other reasons as well.


The cat follows me like a dog. He must be touching me at night when I'm sleeping and follows me to the rest room every time I go at night. When I'm done, he follows me back to the bed and must go on touching me.


He's also on life number 5, I think.

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