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A big day today! DD read two Bob books!


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I just wanted to share here what happened today at our house--my 4 year old dd (will be 5 in May) read Mat and Sam (from the first Bob Books collection) with very little assistance! I cannot really explain how it made me feel to know that I taught her how to do that (or at least facilitated it:tongue_smilie:).


I just wanted to share with some folks who would really understand.:D

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That's so exciting! We're getting there and it's just an incredible feeling, huh?


Good job, Mom!


(Today ds informed me that "and" is a hard word. :lol:)

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Get ready for her to take off like a little rocket, because that's what happened to mine when she finished her first Bob Books -- WHOOSH! She went from "Sam sat on a mat" to just about anything in a matter of weeks, and I have no idea how she did it.


I was working through Lesson 68 in OPG and teaching her to read the words "be, he, she, we, me," and I noticed her lips moving and her eyes on another part of the page. I asked, "Honey, what are you doing?"


She read out loud the last sentence of the instructor's paragraph -- "Once we have finished reading each of these tiny words together, you will go back to the beginning and read the whole list yourself."


My jaw is still in traction. Be prepared to have a reader in your midst.

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