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Calling Dr. Mom

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Dd 10 is finishing her third full day with a fever. It hasn't gone above 102.9, but I don't know at what age 102.9 is considered high. If it were me with 102 I would think I was on my deathbed. The last time I had a fever like that was when I had mastitis. Back to dd, she has a cough, but it sounds more like a post nasal drip cough and definitely not croupy. Her throat hurts, a little. Really only when she coughs. Her head hurts and she feels "woozy". What say the hive? Do I take her to the dr tomorrow or is this just a virus that I have to ride out?


I have a horrible track record with drs. I either take them when they don't need to go and don't when they do. How is a mom supposed to know?


Any advice? TIA

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My dd is in the exact same place. Her fever has been going up and down 101-103 with a cough and feeling yucky since Friday. My dad is a doctor and he checked her out and he said that 4-5 days is normal with this influenza bug that is going around. If you think it might be strep (bad sore throat) and ear infection or pneumonia (labored breathing) you can wait a little longer.

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We rarely call the doctor for a fever. In my kids 102.9 is borderline, but barely high. It may sound odd but I have found that fevers of 103.5 and above (104 - a low 105) clear the infection in less than 24 hours most of the time, but fevers under 103 take longer to do the job, like 4-6 days.


We do use homeopathy and I might call my homeopath if the remedy I try is not working and I cannot figure out what my child needs. I've studied homeopathy a little bit, but I generally start with this article and can then figure out which remedy my child needs. http://drluc.com/colds-caughs.htm


Most times when I catch it early homeopathic Arsenicum with help stop it. I do also give Vitamin C in megadoses, plus we regularly take Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil since those all help the immune system heal itself.

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