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Did leprechauns visit your house?

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I always like to hear what other creative parents come up with for fun holidays such as St Patrick's Day (no offense, I'm not Catholic). So please share what you do for fun to commemorate the day!


The kids made a leprechaun trap - which didn't fool the leprechauns, but the leprechauns did build another ladder to try to climb up the other side. The leprechauns left jelly beans in the trap and they filled another decorated (by the kids) box with jelly beans as well (they were all orange and yellow). They left 20 shamrocks for the kids to find in the house (and they are missing two!). They turned the almond milk green, so we ended up with green pancakes and green strata for lunch (with spinach). And they must have walked on my bread when it was rising on the counter, as there are a couple streaks of green through the loaf!


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We're having an opposite day at school. We are substituting subjects


Greek for Latin

logic for math

Oceans instead of continents

music will be helping ds download songs on his IPod

poetry will be me reading some of the ones I wrote in school eons ago

art will be ???


We are still doing reading and memory work.


Honestly it's a fun way of trying to play catch up with some of the subjects we have let slide. Don't tell ds. :001_huh:

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My kids will start a St. Patrick's Day lapbook and hopefully it will be done Friday :001_smile:


That's all our school this week as we are on break but I wanted them to do something for St. Patrick's Day.


I don't think anyone is wearing green right now either.


I did buy the baby a onesie that says Kiss Me I'm Cute with 2 green clovers on it :D So when we venture out later he will wear that.

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We set up a trap last night. The leprechaun left a very small note and a dollar. The note said that he was almost caught by the collar, (Yeah, I know - cheesy) and he would be back to play next year.


Other than wearing green and then making colcannon, which was posted in another thread, that is how we are celebrating our Irish.

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I told the kids that the leprechauns turned our eggs and milk green for breakfast, which sent them into a frenzy of 'green'-ness. They were convinced that eating these eggs and green grapes and drinking the milk would turn their skin green and spent 10 minutes staring at their arms and faces in the mirrors waiting. It was all I could do not to choke with laughter. If I can convince them to go grocery shopping with me this afternoon, we'll have colcannon and soda bread for dinner; if not, I guess that's the end of St. Pat's fun except for the wearing of the green!

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The whole leprachaun thing the OP did is awesome!


Thanks! I do my best to throw in some fun.

The kids finally found the last two shamrocks somewhere around 3 I think - one on the bookshelf sticking out from between books, and one stuck on the window (hanging as a decoration with the ones they made).


Spent the day doing a fun easy St Patrick lapbook project as well - one of the best days we've had in a while. I think we all needed to focus on something light for a whole day - all together. :D

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Our leprachaun usually sends the kiddos on a treasure hunt of some sort. They haven't caught him yet, though he always leaves some yummy "gold" for their efforts. (Rolos that are wrapped in gold foil)


This year, our leprachaun totally spaced on the date and didn't show up until this evening. I think I'm, I mean, he's getting old!:tongue_smilie:


He remembered a pint for DH and me!:D

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The boys used "leprechaun traps" as an excuse to do major lego work last night, then baited the traps with lego gold. Problem is, I played up the wee people too much. I told how they were rather greedy and could get nasty (pinching and biting) and DS5 got scared!


This morning, armed with light sabers ("to bop them if they get nasty"), the boys snuck up on their traps and found....glitter scattered about, 2 pieces of candy, and the gold gone missing. They are both quite pleased.

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