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Junior Analytical or Analytical Grammar?


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I wonder why you feel the need to describe her as a young 6th grader? Is she reading at a 6th grade level?


In the 1st season of AG, they learn parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, action verbs, linking verbs, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions) and diagramming. If she has been exposed to both already (or even if she hasn't) and is reading at a 6th grade level, I would think that she is ready for AG. You could always try it and if it doesn't go well, back up to JAG. JAG covers the first 10 lessons in AG at a lower reading level.


It has worked very well for us starting in 6th grade (but ds has a December birthday and wouldn't be considered young) and following the 6th-7th-8th grade schedule. Ds had used LLATL (gentle grammar) and Shurley 5 before starting AG. That foundation allowed him to work through Season 1 with ease. Season 2 (phrases and clauses), he had to work hard.

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In my opinion, the first season of AG is so similar to JAG that it just makes financial sense to buy the AG set. You can go through it slowly since it's fewer weeks. My fifth grader did fine with it and my 7th grader is ready to start season 3. It's an awesome program. In another class my 7th grader was asked what part of speech a word was in a difficult sentence and she cheerfully said, "Well, let me diagram this out and I'll figure it out that way!" This program really works!!!! :001_smile:




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