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Recommendations for snacks for teenage boys!

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What about putting together your own trail mix? Target carries some different varities that might give you some ideas. These are some of the snacks we try to keep around.





carrot chips

celery and peanut butter



You could also dehydrate your own fruit, we enjoy doing pineapple rings.

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My kids are 15yo and 12yo.....


I cook two different things (when I cook, LOL)....that way...they won't get tired of eating one thing...over and over. I cook enough to last a couple days....


For example, I will cook chicken enchiladas and chicken and rice with a cream cheese sauce. They can get it themselves...and heat it up.


We don't do a lot of 'snacks' at my house.....they just wouldn't get full enough, LOL!



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Oh dear! I thought my ds 11 and 8 ate a lot, I can only imagine what it will be like when they are teenagers!


I was thinking the same thing about another meal instead of snacks. This is what they do now anyway. Also, good fats instead of carbs/sugars. Fats keep you full longer. I really try to load them up on fats at their meals. Even if it is oatmeal.

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I"ve got teen boys 16 and 13.


I try to keep some of the following on hand for snacks:


homemade granola bars

banana bread or other fruit bread

pasta salad (made with shells, cubes of provolone, cherry tomatoes, pimiento, and Newman's Own Italian salad dressing)

yogurt mixed with granola


homemade bread with peanut butter, cream cheese, or Nutella

baby carrots and cucumbers


They seem to be able to eat without stopping!


Janet in Toronto

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"Snacks" for my son (16) are actually just more meals. I try and have extra cooked meat(turkey burger or chicken) ,grated cheese,and tortillas. He often makes tacos. I also TRY and cook enough for leftovers (with the amount of food he eats that is hard) so that he can snack on those. We also do cans of soup and ....o.k. this is not healthy but he loves the single size frozen pizzas.



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We don't do too many snacks as it can get expensive fast. What I do instead is make 3 large meals a day. If my kids ate cereal for breakfast, they would be starving in a few hours. A few eggs, some toast, juice or milk and we can make it till lunch with out a snack inbetween. We do have an afternoon snack everyday mostly out of habit, but that's pretty much it for snacks.

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With 5 boys it seems they are always hungry. I do bake quite a bit so banana bread and cookies, stuff like that. One batch and everyone gets a few and then it's gone. They are free to take fruit or vegetables at any time so I keep that on hand always. I need some good ideas myself..:o



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My trouble is everybody in our family seems to prefer grazing rather than big meals, including myself. Here are "snacks" my kids eat every week. I shop at Trader Joe's which is so much cheaper than the other grocery stores around here, I spend less even though I buy more:


Instant oatmeal

cold cereal with milk

Chocolate milk

bagels and cream cheese


granola or breakfast bars

little frozen pizzas

English muffins (often with pb or cheese on top)

bananas (I buy two big bunches every week)

a big bag of apples

a big bag of oranges or tangerines

Tortilla chips with salsa

hot dogs (they zap these in the microwave)

Chicken Taquitos (frozen, zapped in microwave as well)

We go through bags and bags of baby carrots a week!

celery and cucumber sticks

cheese sticks


Hope this helps!

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I make double dinners so that there are plenty of leftovers to snack on. Here are some other snacks that I have found that are filling:


Pumpkin Muffins


Tortillas or chips smothered in refried beans, cheese, and salsa


Oatmeal Cookies, Nobake cookies, oatmeal scotchie bars, rice krispy bars made with peanut butter, pumpkin cookies


Scrambled eggs (made with cheese, onion, and crumbled bacon)


Macaroni and cheese (I remember coming home from school and making this for a snack as a teen - it annoyed my mother until she realized it was cheaper and healthier than a candy bar.)


Hot dogs chopped up in baked beans




and bowls of cereal are very popular here too!

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Popcorn is good and cheap (we make ours with EVOO in the WhirlyPop)


Fruits & veggies


Ds could eat a whole box of cereal mid-afternoon, I kid you not. It's not allowed here. I spend no more than $5 a week on cereal. (I do make homemade granola so that stretches the budget.)


They sure do get hungry!

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my ds has gotten pretty good at fixing his own healthy snacks he has braces so he uses crackers instead of chips


English muffin pizza

whole grain bread with asaigo cheese and put under the broil for 4 minutes

sliced apple with peanut butter

black bean dip with club crackers

salsa with club cracker

sandwiches made with turkey pepperoni and cheese on whole grain

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Boy do I feel your pain:( My boys are 12 and 14, and they can sure pack it in. And my 14yo is already weight training and conditioning for football season. It can get very expensive! For awhile, I was buying Amy's boxed macaroni and cheese. But now my 12yo, who has always been my skinny kid and picky eater, wants to make himself 3 boxes at a time for a snack.


I have a grain mill, and make homemade bread from time to time, but find that at the moment it goes faster than it's worth my time to make it. So I often opt for quick breads and muffins.


One thing I make a lot are cookies. I use whole wheat flour, oatmeal, and often peanut butter, raisins, etc. I have the process down to a science, and they seem to be reasonably filling. I buy peanut butter in 15lb. buckets from a local food co-op.

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