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Teaching Co Early American History Video

Peggy in Va

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I posted this on the HS board but thought I'd also check here.


I have 2 dss that will be in 6th/7th grades next year and we will be studying American history. I am considering buying TTC High School Course Early American History: Native Americans through the Forty-Niners as a supplement.


However, before I shell out the money, I was wondering if anyone has used these and if they thought they were worth the price. Also, do they fit nicely with any Am. Hist. curriculum (I'm leaning heavily toward the Hakim series), and would 6th/7th graders find them interesting or are they really geared toward high school level.





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I am using this series along with the Hakim books and I think it is a good fit. My dd is an 8th grader and finds the narrator with his costumes and accents a little silly, but we are really learning a lot (I watch along with her). I have her answer the questions in the study guide, so it really forces her to pay attention. I got the videos at a "sale" price and definitely feel they were worth the price. I will use the series again when my ds studies American History, most likely when he is a 7th grader.


LauraD in MN

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