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Those in Talahassee, and Orlando...please help

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My family and I are going to Tallahassee and Orlando ,Florida for a visit.

I would like to ask those who live in Talahassee and Orlando about the best and safe location of consignment thrift shops to shop for kids clothes preferably preteens. As we are from out of state, we have googled a bunch of shops but are clueless about the location enviroment and also have limited time only to go around. Recomendations from the locals are greatly appreciated . Also are there any homeschool store that sells used curriculum in Tallahassee and Orlando? That would be great too:D!


I hope to hear from you guys. I am leaving on Friday so please.... response. Thank you



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The only place in Orlando that I know of that sells used curriculum (at least it did when I lived there) is Faithful Bookshop.


I live near Tallahassee now, but don't know much about the consignment shops. Most of them that I've seen are small and hard to get in and out of (small parking lots off of a very busy road), so I don't bother with them. There are several Goodwill stores throughout Tallahassee, and most are in good locations. I've been told that the one on Appalachee Parkway is the best (the one with which I am most familar). I think some of the others have more clothes. I go there for books mostly.



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I'm not aware of any stores that sell used curriculum materials. In fact, two of the stores at which I've purchased educational supplies have recently either gone out of business or moved.


We have the usual assortment of thrift stores: Goodwill and Salvation Army. I've shopped occasionally at the Goodwill on South Orange Blossom Trail, and it's fine.


There are also a couple of Plato's Closet outlets in Orlando. I've never been in one, but I've heard good things about them: http://www.platoscloset.com/


If you can tell us which stores you're particularly interested in, I'll be happy to share any information I have about those neighborhoods.

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Thank you, Emily and Jenny on your information. We have no particular place where we want to go , I was hoping from recommendation from the locals here. We will definately check out the Orange Blossom Trail Goodwill when we are there.


If there is any other ones that are good please do not hesitate to let me know.



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