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anyone here have a job teaching online ...

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I found a couple of places to apply. What's it like?


This would K-12 teaching, not university level. I have a M. Ed in special ed and a BS in chem. In 3 weeks I'll will have finished recertification credits to renew my license in my state.


What subjects do you teach and how are the classes arranged.

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I teach Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation online to 4-6 graders. I love it. Others may feel differently, but I think the initial prep work is a bit more than in a physical class room. I have to make power point slides for every point I teach. I think an online class runs smoother when there is always something visual on the screen, even if it is a slide with the book and page number you are on in bright colors. But, once all of the initial work is done, you just save it and it never has to be done again. At first it was hard to get the creative juices flowing about how to be interesting without body language, but after observing other teachers and getting a feel of the classroom, I no longer have a problem with that. We play games, watch videos, use the web cam, etc. I have actually found I am sometimes less inhibated than a physical classroom because I have the World Wide Web at my finger tips.

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My dh teaches on line and has taugth both h.s. and college level. He is appalled at the lack of quality this method of teaching affords. For instance, in each class the students are required to write in a specific format. They don't know what this means so he has had to take time teaching them. He finally had a Sr. (in college) tell him that he is the first teacher who has ever required this, although it is stated clearly in the syllabus for each class in this major. The place where he works paid $xxx to have the courses designed. The slip-shod set-up of the classes has about driven him mad. He has a Ph.D. and has taught in many other settings and has concluded that he much prefers face to face interaction with the students.

I'm sure that it varies from place to place but the on-line classes that I took in seminary were easy "A's" as well. Even though we were required to sign a weekly "I did the work" email to the prof, obviously, not everyone is going to feel badly about lying.

If you think it will be easy money, it might not be. My dh would only have to pick up one client hour a week to make up what he is making on-line and he spends HOURS a week managing the on-line class(es).

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no, I'm not looking for easy money. I have 3 children with "issues" (mental, physical, developmental, or a combination thereof). I need income. I'm working some now. It's likely dd will go to school next year, in part because of income issues.


I'm looking for a situation where I can have some control so I can meet my dc's needs. I can stop grading and responding to email questions and run to school to pick someone up. I can arrange to be available for dc's teachers when needed. I can do some work in the middle of the night.


One of my current jobs is in an alternative school. The kids in this program generally have drug or weapons charges that got them expelled from public school. They have probation officers who check on them. The people paying for these kids to be placed want to know a qualified teacher is physically present. I'm there very part time and there is a full time teacher. The courses are all online, but it's all text. Right now I explain a lot of the course material to kids who come to our facility, as well as to kids who call or email me. I also grade material for kids both at the facility or kids who submit work electronically. I mentioned that dd might go to school and if she did I'd like to up my hours, but enrollment is down so that is unlikely. Enrollment is based on local governments being willing to pay for these kids to have a second chance. Some of these kids pay for themselves, but most are funded through the government/school system. Because the cost, school systems are trying to expel less children. (There are some legal issues and if the school system expels a child that does not mean the school system is not still legally responsible for educating the child).


So, I'd like to work more hours and be closer to home. I don't necessarily want an easy job. I taught public high school almost twenty years ago. So, I have taught in a traditional setting too.

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There are huge differences in schools and opportunities. Some teachers are hired by the district to teach and get paid as a regular teacher. Some classes are done as an adjunct kind of thing and you have to make sure there are enough kids in the class. There are private and public online schools.


I have my masters degree in online education and have developed and taught an online course. I do NOT enjoy the development but I enjoy the teaching.


I disagree with what another poster said about the quality of education that happens. It totally depends on the provider and the expectations of the teacher. In my experience (I got my master's degree online) more thoughtful discussions can happen than even in a classroom (kinda like what happens here).


All that to say, I would see if there are any district in your area that offer online courses and see what they require.

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