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Senior Projects (again)

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Since I posted on a recent thread about senior projects my dd was thinking about, I thought I'd let you all know what she decided on - and ask for some ideas on books. While I was looking into local CSA's (co-op gardens) I saw that one of them offered apprenticeships for high school juniors and up. My dd applied and she found out yesterday she was accepted! She will start her apprenticeship on sustainable agriculture/organic gardening in April and it will run through October. She will work on all aspects on the gardening and business end of things. She will also have to pick a project to work on while there. She gets paid a weekly stipend. She is very excited.


I plan for her to do daily or weekly journaling, and she wants to do a scrapbook of her experience. I also wanted to work in a few books (of course). I have to ask the farmer about recommended books, also, but I wanted to get some ideas from the hive mind. I was thinking about:


The Sand County Almanac - Leopold

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Kingsolver

And maybe some 4-H booklets


Any other ideas?





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Hope's Edge, or Diet for a Small Planet, or Getting a Grip (but these might be a double-up of the other suggestions and those might be better - I don't know).


What about some other types of gardening, to broaden her horizons? A Japanese Touch for Your Garden is nice - short and practical advice on the decorative sort of garden design. And there are some great classics on English flower gardens. Some of them are narratives, which are great fun. Or you might look at something on the European potageres (no idea how to spell that), the lovely mixed gardens of flowers and vegetables. Or one of those books about intensive gardening in raised squares. The After Dinner Gardening Book is fun. And I would definately, definately include some Stoke's guides. They cover the habits and life cycles of our common mammals, insects, plants, and birds. They are readable and interesting. I would also make sure she knows how to use a dicotomous key and has her own copy of Newcomb's, if she lives in the east, because it contains ALL the weeds, not just the prettiest wildflowers.


Just some ideas LOL... Can you tell I like gardening books?


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how co-op gardens are operated in other countries...here is one of our local ones if she is learning French....if she is learning Spanish maybe someone in a Spanish speaking country or area could help...




We belonged to this one but stopped in Jan because of uncertain future plans (and pay by the half year)...I just loved it and would join again if possible.




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