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Help me choose a set of pots!

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I have a cuisinart ss set.


Tammy or anyone who knows---


Where can I look at Cuisinart SS? Can anyone post a link for it?


I'm asking because I have a set of Farberware SS that's 20 years old. They cook great but the screws in the cheap plastic handles are constantly coming unscrewed. I'm about ready to spring for another set of pots but........... which ones to buy?


I don't want cast iron and can't afford the waterless cookware so those are out. Can anyone recommend 2-3 of the best sets on the market? And no more plastic handles, please.

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The sets are so pricey. Do you really save money buying a set as opposed to buying the pots individually? If the sets are more economical I'll just have to set the money aside.


Yes, I think you do. You could price it all out on Amazon to see.



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At Macy's, if Credit Cards aren't out of your comfort zone, you can get the salesperson to tell you the best ever sales...and when they happen...and use a credit card, too....and end up saving a HUGE amount. I bought my flatware(silverware) and cookware all at the same time. Ask a couple of salespeople that look smart what sales they have, what sets are best...and what customers return most often.... When I worked at Meier and Frank (now a Macy's store) I was more than willing to help customers purchase the best sets....and give them the best deals...although...if they got someone who didn't care....they just got whatever...or worse yet...they relied on Consumer Reports which isn't always right.


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