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Art slueths: Can anyone identify this painting?

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Cassatt was my first impression :tongue_smilie: , but I didn't find it in her list of works. It is on a CD I have that has a bunch of clip art. It is on The Printshop 12 (according to the Broderbund website, they are up to version 23 now).


I figure it is probably just a stock image, but somebody is responsible for it, and I'd like to know who! I didn't see an easy way of finding out the info from Broderbund.



BTW, I thought the properties would give more info, but this is all there is:


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I tried to find out too but so far no luck. Any more clues you can give us? What material was the picture included with? Looks like a Victorian theme. Women reading was a popular theme then. Maybe it is an unknown artist. I wonder if there is a catalog of unknown origin works out there somewhere?

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I reminds me of Morisot or Childe Hassam- full bodies, window in the background.


When I think of Cassatt, I think of the figures being closer, more emphasis on the relationships between the women/ children. Also, when Cassatt painted infants, you can almost always see their sweet bare feet.


I like the play of light coming in through the window. I'll check around.


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I don't think it is Cassatt. There is no warmth- no feeling of intimacy between the adult woman and the children. We are not peaking in on a private moment.


And when Cassatt painted an infant, the baby tended to be an important part of the painting. This infant is barely rendered and has no personality. Cassatt's infants had sweet feet, chubby little hands and individual personalities. The light in this painting is given more attention than the infant.


I could be incorrect, but (other than the fact that it is an impressionist piece with a woman and children) it doesn't feel like Cassatt.


However, I can't find it online.

I hope someone does!


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