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Oh, my guys were SO miserable when I put a grazing muzzle on them. It was not a happy time in our lives. I could hardly catch them. It was really awful for me. And for them. :(


The show: It's a natural horse show. I am intered in Intermediate Round Pen online, Intermediate Liberty, Intermediate Horsemanship Under Saddle, and Intermediate Trail Online. If I can get somebody to video tape me, I'll publish the link, but I'm going all by myself; so I may not be able to get it recorded.


I'm going to go check my PMs. I'm pretty sure I haven't not-answered one. ?? Why don't you send it again, and I'll resend my last one to you.


How is your husband doing?


And how about your previous horse who is for sale?

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Let's see, dh is holding his own, with better and worse days. He'll see the specialist June 1st.


Right now I don't have anyone for sale. I GAVE AWAY my three Quarab fillies. They all went to good homes. When Bud got sick I just couldn't face starting five two yr olds. I kept two of them, the Welara has an appointment with the driving trainer and the Arabian is getting another year to mature. I'm down to seven now. Two Arabians, two Qhs and three ponies.


I'm helping someone sell one of my former horses, Stonewall, aka Fat Wally.


I'm sick about the grazing muzzle, but it's either that or keep her up all the time. I think she'd hate that worse. She is quickly gaining back everything she lost this winter.


I hope you get pictures, is this like a Parelli show or something?

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No, it's not a Parelli show. It's the Natural Horsemanship Association of Texas.


Their literature states "Our organization is based on using gentle methods of teaching horses and people. The goal of our natural horsemanship organization is to bring together like minded people who have studied the methodologies of such clinicians as Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Dennis Reis, John Lyons, Mark Rashid, Tom Dorrance, Clicker training, TTouch etc... "


Here's a link: http://www.nhatx.org/


The show patterns are here: http://www.nhatx.org/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/2009handbook.pdf


I went to this show last year, and it was actually the last straw that convinced me that I MUST have a horse trailer. I was just sick to be there last year without Ivan. I came home with a mission to find a trailer and convince dh that we must buy it! LOL! It took about six months.


Next week I'll tell you how it went.

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