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CW Homer and Growing with Grammar...

Dee in MI

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I know you guys will probably tell me, "It's OK", but I've just got to ask. We are more than halfway through GWG 5 and on Monday we will be starting Homer A. GWG has not taught participles, and won't in sixth grade either. (I know what they are, but I couldn't diagram them without looking it up. I have Warriner's on hand as a diagramming resource.)


I don't have to teach my son participles for some time, right? I can just continue as I have been with GWG?



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I was just coming on the board to ask this question. Anyone??


By the way, participles ARE covered in GWG 5-pg 109 of the student reader. I'm also using GWG and am hoping that it will be okay to use with it (also doing latin)

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Just did Participles today (dont' ask me what they are thought.) We are just learning them in Harvey's but I can't answer your question. I really don't like Harvey's I'm realizing. It is so sparse! We used GWG last year and my daughter loved it so much better. I just went with Harvey's because it was recommended but I'm finding it tough. I think if the teacher knows the grammar it might be a good reference book but for teaching? Not. I'm considering switching back to GWG next year (my daughter says she'll kiss it!) I don't know how well it will work with Homer's however. We are finding it difficult this year, I'm not sure switching grammar will help. But then again, I didn't find them very coordinated. Maybe I'm missing something. Sorry this probably didn't help but I thought I'd share my experience.



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