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OK, so who else went to see.....

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Race to Witch Mountain this weekend?


Escape to Witch Mountain was one of my all time favorite movies growing up. My kids love it too!


When we saw the previews to Race to Witch Mountain i was worried - but told DD i'd figure out how to take her to see it. She ending up paying for her own ticket - an so i could swing going.


Well, i'll be buying it - it was great!!!! :tongue_smilie:


Not for my 4yo though, and too intense for my 9.5yo - she will need to watch it with a pause button.


But, it was good!!!!!

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Very good movie. I don't know if we'll buy it though. I'll see if the kids ask for it when it comes out.


Did you know that the kids from the original were in this movie? Tia was the waitress Tina. Tony was Sheriff Anthony. Kind of cool with their names too.

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My DD walked out of the theater talking about watching it everyday when it comes out!


And gee, i didn't know that about Tony & Tia - but i had hoped they were in there. HMPH. I missed it....


I didn't read the books (gee, i didn't know they were books, off to the library website) so i can't help there. I just wanted to have super powers when i was a kid.

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