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? re IEW and outlining and timing

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I've used and adapted IEW writing over the years with my older sons...but I don't recall IEW ever teaching "traditional" outlining a la WTM, as opposed to the IEW style of using 3-4 key words. Now I'm starting to focus on writing with my youngest son (9) and wondering: *is* there a place in the IEW sequence when traditional outlining is taught?


Also, it's been so long since I've used the IEW sequence that I've quite forgotten how long it takes to get through the various units. From what I recall, I taught my older sons most of the key word outlining, dress-ups, and openers over the course of a couple of years, and they just took off after that without any further direct instruction. But is that how IEW is "supposed" to work? Get all the units done in a year or two? If so, what are you supposed to do re any writing instruction after that? I've really lost track of all this.... Thanks for any input!

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Pudewa tells people to redo the units each year, but changing the texts you use for practice, increasing the difficulty level, building up skills until they become more habitual, etc. At the time I took his seminar, they just offered the basic 9-unit program, and elementaries usually did through unit 7. Now they offer a high school seminar focused on essay writing and a lot more support materials, some tied in to chronological and topical history. They've really expanded their product offerings, so you might want to request a catalog. (I find that more restful & flexible than trying to look at it all online.) Myself, I don't think I could do IEW every year, and the truth is that except when I was teaching it in a co-op I have NOT done it at home. Writing slouch that I am (sigh).


Laurel, I am quite sure you are far from "slouchy"!


Thanks for the reminder re repeating the units at higher levels of difficulty. I feel as though I have so lost touch with how to proceed because of the many years gap between my youngest son and the next three up (did you experience that too?) I began using IEW back when it first came out--yes, back in the time of *video cassettes*! {gasp!} I don't even have those anymore. Now I'm wondering if I ought to invest in the DVD set just to keep myself on track. I do feel as though I dropped the ball re essay writing with my oldest sons because at that stage I began jumping around to other programs, each time thinking that *that* one would covers the basics more succinctly/ effectively/ quickly. They all *can* write an essay (well, the gr 9 son still has more difficulty)...but I'd like the youngest to get over that hurdle in a more organized way, if possible, so returning more strictly to IEW may be the best idea for me.


If you're not following IEW at home, what are you using instead? They now apparently have a progymnasmata program too--do you know if it's any good?

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