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What do you use to oil your pans? I'm really not liking the tast of Pam on my food.

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You can try vegetable oil in a spray bottle instead of cooking spray.


I've seen this on cooking shows. I've also heard that you should put cold oil in a hot pan to help with sticking problems.


Oh, and Pam shouldn't be used on non-stick pans because it builds up. I know, I know, who would use spray on a non-stick pan? (me--)

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Long before there was Pam, there was Crisco and butter. Both work great.


Take a blob and wipe it on your pans. I used to save the butter wrapper to grease my cookie sheets with.

A small piece of wax paper or paper towel works great too if you don't want the grease on your hands.

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My mother used to keep a can of Crisco with a sandwich baggie inside it. You slide your hand into the bag, pull it out and wipe on the pan. I'm not a big fan of Crisco, so we use canola oil or some butter wiped on with a piece of paper towel. Works fine--I just finished making a big batch of gingersnaps using butter to grease the pans.

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