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Tutoring...how much?

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My 14yo has been approached by the mom of one of her friends at school (she attends a classical local charter) to work as a paid tutor for Latin and possibly Math for her two sons. Jenna is flattered and believes she can do a good job, but doesn't know what to charge. I told her I thought she should charge by the day rather than by the hour because she doesn't have a whole lot of control over how long she's there. Her dad's the chauffeur, dontcha know? She'd be there for around an hour, give or take. So what would you be willing to pay, if it were a given she was a really good teacher and was already helping one of your sons after class and at lunch on a regular basis ;)


$10 a day? $15? A weekly fee instead?



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Hi Barb,


My eleventh grade dd has been tutoring math for the last two years. She charges $15 per hour, figuring that though it's less than what an adult would make around here, it's pretty darn good for a teen. Like your daughter, she's a good, patient teacher. These kids are mostly her public-schooled friends or children of my friends. Oh, and they come to our house. I'd have her charge a little more to go to their house.



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Not all tutors make $30 an hour (in fact very few do)... MOST people cannot afford to pay that kind of $$$ on a regular basis.


My posted rates are $15-20 per hour but I RARELY charge more than $10 per hour--and I often tutor for free...


I think $10 a hour would be a bit much for a 14yo--even a mature one...

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