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Would algebra I be the next step for ds who'll finish Horizons & Singapore in 7th gr?

Jen the RD

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My dd has moved slowly through math. No matter which program she's doing, math just takes her a long time to complete each day. She rarely misses anything in Horizons and struggles with Singapore. Obviously, her first choice is Horizons because it comes easily. However, I keep her in Singapore because of the discipline it requires to make her apply math. So, we probably won't finish Horizons 6 or SM 6B until mid or end of 7th.


Will these 2 programs prepare her for Algebra I in 8th or should we consider a yr of pre-algebra? Any help would be appreciated.




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Between Horizons and Singapore, she should be able to move directly into Algebra I. If math is a struggle for her, then you might want to do something like alek's pre-algebra for one month or more to see if there are any gaps to fill before moving on. There's a free one month trial of aleks. Just do a google search on "aleks free month trial".

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