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Hotel advice when travelling with a posse

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I'm considering a trip to Atlanta next week to take my sons to see the terracotta soldiers, but I would also be taking another 12 11 year old - so that's me and three 11 year old boys.


I can't figure out how to do a hotel room under these conditions. I don't think I am comfortable with the idea of adjoining rooms. It still doesn't seem that secure to me. Am I wrong?


What do you do in this situation? I've been looking online, but I can't find a suite that seems to be right for us. I think I could even get everyone comfortable with 2 king beds, but I can't find that!

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I think you are saying you are taking two boys of your own, brothers, and then a friend. I would look for a suite type toom that has two beds and a sofa bed. YOu get a bed, the friend gets the sofa sleeper and then get a rollaway if the brothers won't sleep together. Or make a bed on teh floor for one of the boys if they don't want to share a bed.

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I'm a travel writer and can tell you that if the city has an Embassy Suites, you're set.


You'll have a two room suite with beds and a pull out bed, plus a small kitchen, plus an eating table.


Plus they provide an enormous, hot breakfast the next day. It's not a continental breakfast -- it's the works.


They also usually have indoor swimming pools so bring your towels and suits. My kids love the Embassy Suites indoor pools.


They also do a 5:30 "happy hour" with an abundance of snack food for kids and adults and full on drinks for adults (I have margaritas and they're not tiny) and the kids can have Shirley Temples or whatever.


And no I don't work for them!



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The only not so great thing is that the nearest one isn't that close to the museum


BUT they had the absolutely mandatory indoor swimming pool AND we got a suite with 2 doubles and pull out sleeper and are also bringing a cot in for us, so we each have our own bed!


Thanks for the tip!

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