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Lial's and ALEKS is integrated


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In my (I'm sure I'm not alone) constant quest for math I found something rather neat. I am currently using Singapore/TT for my 4th grader, MUS & Singapore for my 2nd grader and BJU/Singapore for my Ker. Singapore is my basal text and the others act as supplements for the most part. Through the summer we normally finish up the chapters of the supplement. I was looking into streamlining. I would like to have a supplement that's seamless. I find myself pulling out chapters and rearranging them in the supplement to match the basal text.

With all that said, I found out ALEKS has an integrated curriculum with quite a few math texts, Lial's being one. It says:


"Textbook Integration

A broad selection of popular textbooks may be integrated with various ALEKS courses. What happens when you choose a textbook for integration with your ALEKS course?


A custom syllabus based on the textbook is automatically assigned to the ALEKS course so that the coverage aligns with that of the textbook."


I think this might be the way to go, has anyone used this?

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I have used the textbook integration feature in my Geometry class (High school math teacher). The Aleks site probably explains it better than I can, but I will try anyway. If you use textbook integration (which I recommend) than Aleks restricts the available topics from which a student can select. (Aleks always restricts the choice to the topics that the student is "ready to learn". That continues and the textbook integration further restricts the choice.)


Imagine this situation.

Aleks may have a course with 200 topics in it. Let's say you are currently working on Chapter 4 of your selected text. Aleks may have identified 20 (of the 200 topics) that are directly related to the study of Chapter 4 in your book. Additionally, there may be 60 topics that "should have been learned to be ready for the 20 new topics." I call those prerequisite topics. That means that as your child is ready to learn them, she/he will have access to any of the 60 prerequisite topics that have not yet been learned and all of the 20 new topics.

The other 120 topics that are not either a prerequisite topic for Chapter 4 or not directly related to Chapter 4 content will be unavailable until after the completion of Chapter 4 material.


I find that using the textbook integration feature in Aleks helps to gauge if the student is truly on track with the material. The pie chart and percentages also help, but it is nice to know if they have covered all of the Chapter 4 material on time.


Hope this helps.





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Thanks Mike, I have since dropped TT and I am currently using BCM (Lials) with my 4th grader. We are moving very slowly, I plan on getting ALEKS to supplement this for her. I'd like to give her a year of review before starting Singapore NEM 1 ( I am working through this myself). Thanks for the review , looks like it will work well for us.

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