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TTC- High School Level—Early American History

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Has anyone used this particular TTC video? It sounds really neat in the description, but I have never used anyone of their videos and was looking for someone who has actually seen it.


Is it something that we can just integrate into our lessons whenever we come to the person or time frame we are discussing?



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and the corresponding high school world history lectures (Linwood Thompson does both series). My boys liked them; however, they are not history lovers. Mr. Thompson dresses up in costume and his presentation can be corny/goofy at times. Mature, serious high school students may not appreciate his humor, but he gets a thumbs up here.


Yes, you can dovetail these into almost any history study. They only go up until pre-Civil War years, though.

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In our house Linwood worked when my kids were younger. We are using other sets at the high school level. But maybe that's because TWTM model gives them so much history in K-8. By the time we reached high school, my kids were/are ready for the next thing.


See if your library has them.




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