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If you're trying to eat healthy and have an ice cream maker....

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We have a Cuisinart, like this: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13234108


Looks just like it, though ours is several years old. LOVE it! We don't have ice cream very often, either purchased or homemade. We probably make it 6 or 8 times per year, one part cream (sometimes half and half) to 3 parts low fat milk; lower fat than the grocery store's but still so creamy. Yum!

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Yes, anyone remember Continental Yogurt in a glass jar. Yum.


I think other kefirs would work.


If someone here has a recipe with Kefir, I would be very interested. We are talking about Kefir that sells in a bottle and not kefir grains????

I follow a very basic recipe for vanilla and dress it up with berries.




maple syrup

vanilla extract - or lemon

Add berries to the mix or top with berries when ice cream is done.


I use it a lot in the summer. My excuse is that summers here are so darned hot that one needs cooling down. One also needs to exercise portion control. Homemade ice cream tastes soooo much better than anything I have ever bought.

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