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anyone know of a good resource/book for "early childhood/preschool phys ed ideas??


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We've been in classes before where they've used Greg & Steve CDs. I don't really know anything about them except that the kids had fun and got moving. :)


ETA: Some of my favorite toddler/preschool books, worth checking out from library to give you some ideas! :)

Tippy Towers & Boo Blankets (Christian)

The Ultimate Preschool Playbook

Gymboree Toddler Play

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PE central is a great website for all kinds of ideas. They have a lot of ideas for preschool fitness. www.pecentral.com ...I think, if not google it.


Hope that helps. I teach PE at our co-op to 2nd-5th as well as Pre-K...the Pre-K is hard as far as keeping their attention...and things always sound as if they are wonderful on paper...then try getting them to actually cooperate!! Ha ha! The key is to keep activities short and change it up a lot, have several activities planned each week, in case some don't work, etc. Best wishes to you.


Emily B in Texas

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