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What do you think of BJU Life Science 7 (3rd ed)?

MIch elle

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Could someone who is not a creationist (young Earth) use it - could we skip those chapters (creation & evolution)?


I'm looking for a meater science program than we've been using (PH science explorer series) that includes scheduled tests & quizzes. I like diagrams, color illustrations, and optional experiments; student and teacher manuals in a science program (don't like to share one book). I don't want to spend big bucks on one yr of science (Rainbow Science and other)! BJU Life Science looks like it would meet my goals, but I've never used ANY BJU curricula before. I would NEVER use Apologia!


Thanks! :D

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I cannot be of much help as I have not used BJU's Life Science yet. I HAVE watched some of the videos while recording them for my son this next year...the 2nd edition, not the 3rd...and I really like it...but I am a young earth creationist. ;)


I think, because of the topic, you are going to get a lot of the creationist perspective. This course is basically a beginners biology course from a young earth/creationist perspective, but very in-depth for the age range. It will not be a matter of just taking out a couple of chapters so that you don't have to discuss creation or evolution....creationism will basically permeate the book. You will find thousands in the place of millions. God created and God designed instead of such and such evolved...that type of thing.


I don't know where you stand personally, but if you are an evolutionist, or a non-Believer [not a Christian], you will probably not like this course...or any of the BJUP courses for that matter. If you ARE a Believer who thinks God created, but just not a young earther...then I think you may be OK with it.


If you haven't done so yet, I highly recommend you go to BJUP.com and look at their online samples. They will allow you to view an entire chapter of both the student text and the TE. If not, check CBD.com...they usually offer decent samples as well.


Wish I could be more helpful.

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I am not opposed to young earth and I had trouble with bju 7. It is (again, my opinion only) very heavy handed. The first chapter is dominion mandate and I thought overdone with bju doctrine.


It is also a very difficult text. I have mentioned this in other posts, but at a recent conference, it was suggested to either not use 7 at all (go straight to 9th) or do it in 2 years.


There are those here who love BJU 7. I used BJU 2nd through 6th grade and enjoyed it very much - very few issues at all. My closest friend wouldnt use anything else for her current jr high and high schooler. But, I just couldnt use it.


So, to sum it up, I do think you would have to be doing a lot of editing. Perhaps not as much editing as you would for Apologia. In fact, while I find BJUs doctrine more along the sledgehammer line, I do find Apologia's more spread out throughout the text. If you could get your hands on an actual text and flip through the book, I would advise that. You might find the editing required is minimal and the intensity something you could live with. I didnt do that -although with as many locally as use BJU - I probably could have. And I regret it. I would not have purchased it if I could have seen it in person.


I hope that helped some

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I haven't used the Life Science book yet, I am planning on it next year and have looked through it a little. I am a Christian, but not of the young earth philosophy and am frustrated by how much BJU pushes their religious views in their science where it could be skipped. The good part is that I have so far found it easy to jump many references, skip the "bible" activities and discussion questions and counter the philosophy with my ds. I'm a bit nervous about the Life Science book though.


I looked at the Science Explorer series and found it far below BJU in content level though and was disappointed because I considered switching. Right now I'm thinking I will switch at the 9th grade Physical Science level when PH has a more substantial text. I may do that in 8th grade. For 7th I haven't found anything better than BJUs life science yet. :glare:


Have you looked at or has anyone else looked at the PH books that have Life, Earth and Physical Science in one book. They can be found at http://www.pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PSZ16f&filter_161=&filter_423=24902&filter_422=&filter_424=&filter_281=&filter_425=&programFilterTypeList=161%2C423%2C422%2C424%2C281%2C425&PMDbSiteid=2781&PMDbSolutionid=6724&PMDbSubSolutionid=&PMDbCategoryid=814&&PMDbProgramID=13121


I wondered how these compare, but I haven't seen them in person or found any messages on these boards about them.



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I am a Christian, but not of the young earth philosophy and am frustrated by how much BJU pushes their religious views in their science where it could be skipped.


This was how I used to feel when using secular science texts, and yet I had only myself to blame...I am the one who picked the text! :w00t: :lol:


Just as I realized I could not be upset with Usborne books for their evolutionary old earth view, I wouldn't let BJU frustrate you because of their YE Creationist view. BJU BELIEVES in a Young Earth...many Christians believe in a Young Earth. BJU BELIEVES God created...most Christians, I would hope, still believe this as well. I honestly would be disappointed in them [bJU], or anyone, if they were to compromise their beliefs to create a text to fit everyones beliefs, ya know? ;)


Being a YEer, I find OE philosophy in almost EVERYTHING!! Our history books, encyclopedia's, etc. It's no big deal to me anymore, though I do dislike it. I taught my boys early on why they will find that representation in their books. I would think you could do the same with BJU? Perhaps? Just let them know what BJU believes and that their text WILL be written from the standpoint of that belief...then explain how you disagree with it. My older boys, now in college, get bombarded with old earth evolutionary thinking daily, yet they are still young earth creationists. :D

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