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New to Square Foot Gardening

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We have made 3 4x4 boxes, and I have some seeds that I've started indoors.

We live in Florida, and I'm debating whether or not we should add plywood to the bottom of our boxes. Is it worth the extra cost? I can see how it would be good to be able to move the boxes, but I'm thinking that they'd be VERY heavy to move. Also, where did you purchase the vermiculite, if you used Mel's Mix? I bought the Peat at Lowe's yesterday, but they only had manure (which I don't want to use) and mushroom compost, and they were out of vermiculite, which was only available in teeny tiny bags when they do have it in stock. Thanks!

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Are you making raised beds?


I believe the plants will need to grow deep into the soil & a wood bottom would prevent that. Furthermore, it is likely to rot.


My dh put wooden spikes at the corner of each wood frame, to hold it firmly in the ground.


Also, make sure you do not use pressure-treated wood, due to the poisonous chemicals coming in contact with your food.


Dh has had great success with raised beds in our backyard, & hope you enjoy quite a harvest this fall!

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