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Storage solution for scrap fabric?

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Here are some ideas I've found:




I've got a couple of tub-fulls of scraps + larger pieces on the shelves. After looking at pics, I figure my shelves will look better if I fold the pieces more uniformly, preferably 1/3 the length of the shelf.


But for the scraps, I need some new ideas. In the apt, they were under my bed because my machine was beside the bed. Here, it has its own corner of the office, & if poss, I'd like to keep all my fabric together. You know how it is--out of sight, out of mind. Even under the bed, there was a lot that didn't get used because I forgot about it.


Anyway, there's not a good spot for the tubs here, so I've been looking for more vertical solutions. I'm posting in the hopes that someone else will have come across some great ideas, too. A cute way to store fabric as "curtains," maybe?

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Well, I have tons of fabrics, enough to fill a whole wall of my studio, but some of the things I have done are similar to the photos at Sew Mama. I have it all folded the same way and put on open shelves (I do this for my most used and fave fabrics.). I also have many of those three-drawed plastic units. They stack well and hold lots of fabric, and you can sorta see through the plastic enough to tell what colors you have.

I also have two buckets that are for scraps. They are kept under the tables, and my students or I add to them as we sew, and they are the first places stduents go to look for fabric when starting a new project.

Hope that helps a bit- if you have the wall space (I don't), I like the idea of framing pieces of fabric (you could get those cheap ikea frames if you didn't have the hoops).

Good luck!

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