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Trying to remember an experiment with an egg

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This was done by my 7th grade science teacher (30? years ago). Anyway, she put an egg into a small mouth canning jar and then poured a liquid over it to fill the jar. The shell dissolved and the egg absorbed the liquid. Then the egg absorbed so much liquid it wouldn't fit through the opening of the jar. This took days! Then she poured that liquid out and put another liquid in. That one the egg "desorbed" (I know that's not a word!). Anyway, the egg shrank back to normal egg size and came out easily.


I think one of the liquids was vinegar and one was water. There may have been 3 liquids - one to dissolve the egg shell, one absorbed and the other one. (I hate it when I can't think of a word!)


Anyone? I have no idea what to google to get something close.

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