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Dinosaur unit ideas please

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My boys have requested our next unit for science be on dinosaurs. (Guess the human body will have to wait...no biggie)


My plan is to loosely use this one I found on homeschoolshare.com. I am looking for other ideas to incorporate into it.


We are going to do some reports, create a lapbook, make a paper mache dino egg, dig for bones, create fossils, and maybe a diorama.


What else can I plan to do? What other crafts have you done that your kids enjoyed? Any fun little snack ideas?


I think this unit will probably last about 8 weeks/2 days a week.


Thanks for your input.:001_smile:

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I listed my resources for our unit here


Thanks so much! I don't know why I didn't think to check your blog. You have some great stuff on there and I enjoy reading it. :001_smile:


Anyone else care to share their ideas? Pretty please?


ETA: WOW!!! I just checked out the ideas on your blog...THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You have saved me, and many others, a lot of time and energy. Brilliant stuff! THANKS!!!!

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