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Guerber History Series


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Thanks, Rhonda. I was thinking of using all of them in grades 6-9. Do you think that would work, or do you think they would be too light for 8th and 9th graders?


Thanks, again!


My TQ history guide suggest The Great Republic only through 7th.

but I think they are fine for 8th. I'm not sure about 9th though.



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OK, that's what I was afraid of. May I ask which titles your ds read in 5th and 6th? Did he enjoy them?


I really appreciate your help!



In 5th he read Story of the Greeks and Story of the Romans.

In 6th he read Story of the Middle Ages.

(We didn't read Story of the Reniassance & Reformation ...I just never bought it...he read The World of Columbus and Sons instead)

This year (7th) I was going to have him read Story of 13 Colonies and Story of the Great Republic but he told me he had already read them. I have no idea when....sometime between 4th and 6th.


And yes, He really did enjoy them! SOTW 1-4 is great for 1st through 4th and Guerber is perfect for 5th -8th. Now if SWB will just get her History of the WHOLE World written we will set for highschool too. :-)



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They're not light at all. They contain a wealth of detail that can really challenge a student who is studying to learn the material versus just reading through it. My sixth-grader, who's working through The Story of the Middle Ages right now, routinely has to answer questions like "Draw Meroveus's complete family tree" and "Name the seven kingdoms of the Angles/Saxons/Jutes and list which tribe founded each one" on her tests. I also give her essay questions so that she can begin to see connections. She has to outline each chapter. This is definitely logic-stage stuff!


The Guerber books contain so much information that you don't really need a lot of supplementary books to go along with them. They tell the history and local legends quite well on their own.

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Hi Rebecca,


Are the questions that dd is answering from the books or are these from a guide or maybe even your own questions? If they are from a guide would you please share which one.:001_smile: I would love to find a guide that uses these books.


Thank you so much!!:grouphug:

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I just make them up. Here's what we do: We read aloud together five chapters at a time (say, Chapters 26-30) so that she'll have an overview of what's coming up that week. She outlines one chapter per day for five days. Then on the sixth day she takes a test. I type up two questions per chapter.


After every 50 chapters she'll take a 50-chapter test (one question per chapter). She'll also take a final test on the whole book when she finishes.


Here are some sample questions:


Chapter 26. What caused Patrick to decide to go back to Ireland to preach to the people there?

Chapter 27. What Germanic tribe agreed to come over and help the Britons get rid of the Picts and the Scots?

Chapter 28. What happened to the poor, beleaguered Britons after the death of King Arthur? What do the descendants of the Britons believe about Arthur even to this day?

Chapter 29. Who converted King Ethelbert of England to Christianity?

Chapter 30. How did it happen that the popes of the church at Rome came to exercise the real government of the city?

Chapter 31. Tell the story of St. Boniface and the Oak of Thor.

Chapter 33. Name the son of Clotaire II, tell what kind of ruler he was, and what he was most famous for.

Chapter 34. What are the successors of Mohammed called, and what does the term mean?

Chapter 85. Philip Augustus, Richard the Lionhearted, and King Henry met under an elm and signed a treaty. Here it was arranged that, instead of continuing to fight against each other, the two nations should ___________.


I haven't found it hard at all to dream up questions. The book is so rich in detail that you can find a question or two in almost every paragraph.


Hope this helps!

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