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Barley recipes?

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Well, I only have one recipe that I use barley in (a mushroom barley soup, so good!), but I wanted to put this out there for you. Do you eat barley regularly? If you don't, be aware that it may have some...er, unwanted gastrointestinal effects. Everything upsets my stomach, so that doesn't surprise me, but DH has a stomach of steel, and he's requested that I not use barley in that soup anymore. Just something to consider! If you have no problems with it, I'll be glad to dig up my soup recipe for you. It's my all-time favorite, and sadly, it's just not the same with wild rice :(

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I am putting together my monthly co-op order and I was thinking of buying some barley, but other than adding it to soups, I have no idea what to do with it. Any recipes? Thanks!


Here is a website with some ideas but I must confess that I have not tried any of these recipes. I was just intrigued by your question of how barley is used outside of soup (or beer making).


Jane (who loves the Moosewood's Mushroom Barley soup recipe)

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I've tried barley in place of oats for breakfast due to its protein content. It was okay, haven't tried it since.


I've also used barley in salads to add some whole grains and protein. It makes for a rather nutritious and energy packed lunch.


I still love barley best in soups. :)



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