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college visists - summer???

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Hubby thinks it is pointless to visit colleges during the summer as "no one will be there". Yet summer is when we can do a big drive to all the potential colleges in which ds has an interest. Anyone do college visits during the summer?


We were hoping to do a loop and see Carbondale, Vanderbilt, Sewanne, Centre...

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to narrow down the list. We made some visits last summer to some schools that were quite a distance away. It would have been hard to visit them during the school year because ds is in community college, and he can't afford to miss class too many times. One of the schools also required an on-campus interview of homeschoolers, and we needed to get that in before application time.


Once he gets all of his acceptances in, we might make one more visit during the school year to one or two places to help him decide.


I definitely think the summer visits were worthwhile, especially because visiting is a great way to show a college that you are very interested in their programs.




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We did most of our college visits during the summer. While we probably didn't learn as much about the college as we would have during the year, we did learn a lot about each school. Summer is a great time for traveling too!


I would just make sure to visit the schools once more (maybe even after acceptance letters are out) before making the final decision.

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