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I am so sad about LATIN

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If you've been on the general board lately you may have read my posts about possibly moving to Malaysia this summer. I would be taking a position as principal of an International Christian School. This means that my boys would go to that school (and I will be their principal ...:D). The place seems to have a really great curriculum, plenty of AP choices for the high school years, lots of great extracurriculars and elective classes EXCEPT...




Ds has done Minimus, PL, LCI, LCII, and is nearly finished with Henle I (following the MP guide). My plan for next year was to coninue with Henle and add in Cambridge for more reading practice and variety.


I cannot "afterschool" him in Latin. It just isn't realistic. This school has high expectations of kids and he will have plenty of homework as is plus extra curricular activities, church and just being a kid.


But I am SO SAD to give up Latin (he is bummed too believe it or not). Can we do Latin only on vacation breaks (we get 5 weeks at Christmas and 8 weeks in the summer)? Would he forget too much in between that it would e pointless?


Any ideas to keep Latin a part of his learning without overwhelming the poor kid? I guess I should add that he will get language instruction as part of the curriculum. They learn Bahasa Malay which is what the Malaysians speak and when he gets to high school (if we stay that long) they have Mandarin classes from beginner to AP level which is cool.


But it's not Latin.

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Sounds like the new principal might make a policy change, "Foreign Language requirement: LATIN".:D


I can see how that would be frustrating, look like you have put a lot of time into Latin. I think a "chunk" of time like summer or whenever their extended vacations are would work better that squeezing it in here in there.

Even if you just got some CD's and played then in the car, it would keep them fresh, so it wouldn't feel so disjointed when you decided to teach it during vacations.

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A good way to keep up in a foreign language is to read something in that language. So...I'd take some material for translation and let him plug away on it during his free time. If he seriously enjoys it, he will continue to work on it a little at a time. Later, he might be able to pick it up again.


BTW, do they have a foreign language requirement? If so, would they allow him to substitute a credit of Latin for that requirement? He could spend the time he would normally be in class in "study hall" working on his translations.


Just an idea.


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Could the school offer Latin with you as the instructor? Maybe it is a chicken and egg thing. There is no demand because there isn't a class. There is no class it because there is no demand. Could you offer it as a club with the carrot of improved English test scores through exposure to Latin roots?

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Latin radio (from Finland) http://www.yleradio1.fi/nuntii/


and a ton of other Latin links (including on-line books in Latin) to entertain him:




or you could get him some more modern books (like Harry Potter) that he could read in Latin to take with you


or just bring Henle II - IV and let him do them when the mood strikes (and time allows)

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If he starts a latin club and teaches beginners in it, it will keep his own skills fresh. ;)


This is a clever idea. Teaching a subject requires that you really think through it.

Plus it would look great on college applications. I do interviews for my alma mater and it would impress me a lot to have a student tell me about the Latin club that he'd helped start and teach. High marks for motivation, initiative and leadership.

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