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Videotext Algebra Scheduling

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Dd is doing VT Algebra this year. As we are approaching year's end, I'm beginning to wonder if I scheduled this poorly. I had planned to take 2 years to finish it since it is Algebra I and II. She is not as far along as I had hoped. Here's how we normally do it...keep in mind she's my aspie so she gets overwhelmed easily...we do a lesson a day until we get to a quiz, then she does only a quiz on that day. Should she be doing quizzes on the same day as lessons? We did have to take 2 weeks to go back and review some concepts when we got to Module B.


How are you scheduling this? Any tips or advice? Thanks.

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That's the beauty of VT. You can schedule it how your student needs to ensure mastery. The goal is for her to learn the material not to be able to check off the box that says she finished it in 2 years.


My dd13 (no challenges) does 1/2 the problems of the lessons until the quiz. She usually does the quiz and a lesson on the same day but with a student that is overwhelmed easily I could definitely see only doing the quiz. Then if she needs more practice she does the other 1/2 of the problems and takes Quiz B.

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I am not sure that you can get through in two years using the method you've described, though it may be close enough that with some summer work, you could make it.


However, not every lesson or quiz is equal in VT. What I mean, is that some lessons, especially in the earlier modules, are pretty easy and short. These are often the early introductory lessons to a new unit or concept. So we would double up on them. Also, at times, if I was confident my son was solid on the material, we might either skip the quiz, or combine two quizzes, doing about half of each one.


Best of luck to you both!

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