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If I have a hard time making choices and am a poor


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planner, would TOG not be for me? I've looked at it and I've downloaded their sample two-weeks and it seems confusing to me. I have ADD and planning is extremely difficult for me. I'm afraid I will be overwhelmed with all the choices and try to do too much and end up doing nothing.


Right now we do SL but I end up not doing some of the books I don't like and adding others and it ends up not really being SL after a few weeks.

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I'm a do what comes next person, rather than a big lesson planner. I do spend an enormous amount of time choosing curricula, though. We used SOTW as so much is already laid out for me. I use the lists to help get titles for the extra reading, there are projects suggested (we don't do that many as we are swamped with other things), etc. We also have some history encyclopedias my dc can use. When we first started, there was no SOTW (or it was brand new--it wasn't in my copy of WTM) so we were going to do it without a text. However, it didn't happen much!


I don't have ADD, but have three dc who have to school separately to maintain tranquility, so this works well for me.


My dc do SOTW when they are "too old" for some of it, but you can use older readings. We find them at the library at times. I think SWB has made up new lists for older dc (or at least was planning on it). I haven't followed that. As for the books in the lists of the Activity Guides, I order them from my computer through the library network--as many as they have, then just pick them up at the library.

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