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Lazy day or plan a fun outing?

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We have a rare Saturday free this weekend! We are coming off of basketball on Saturdays since beginning of January. And staring end of March we will have soccer on Saturdays. Next weekend we are visiting the IL. No pressing home repair needs either!


So lazy day at home or plan a fun thing - the zoo is 1 1/2 hours away, etc? High for Saturday is 47. No rain. Kids ages in siggy.

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Well, this past Sunday was a rare free day for us. We are finishing up basketball, just finished Girl Scout cookie sales, and we weren't able to go to the hospital to see fil because he had an infection. So we stayed home and had a lazy day. It was GREAT!


We played Mario Kart w/ the kids, took breaks to wash/fold laundry, played w/ the dc some more, took a break to wash dishes, played some more, took a break to do more laundry, played some more. etc. etc. It was a great way to blow off steam and decompress. We spent time w/ the dc, got a little work done (enough not to feel guilty) and just relaxed. It was just what we needed! HTH- enjoy your day!

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If your family is just coming off a busy time, I would say stay home and relax. The rare day we get to do that is wonderful.


If you have cabin fever, then get out and do something!


Usually on days like that, my vote would be stay home - the kids' vote would be to go do something!

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