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100 Free Podcasts from the Best Colleges in the World


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Skip the Tuition: 100 Free Podcasts from the Best Colleges in the World




Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, Duke, UCSF Medicine, UCLA, etc.


Here are some from Stanford:


"1. Quantum Mechanics: Learn about classical mechanics, theories of relativity, and more in this physics course.

2. Human-Computer Interaction: This course features a variety of speakers on interaction design.

3. Geography of World Cultures: This podcast takes a look at geography and considers the way it impacts world cultures.

4. Hannibal: In this course, you'll study the life and archaeological trail of Hannibal.

5. Modern Theoretical Physics: Learn about quantum entanglement and other theories of physics in this course.

6. Ben Franklin and the World of Enlightenment: You'll get to learn about Benjamin Franklin's life and achievements, as well as how he affected and was affected by the Enlightenment.

7. Straight Talk About Stem Cells: This course discusses the fundamentals of stem cell biology as well as its surrounding controversy.

8. The Geography of World Cultures: Here you'll be able to explore locational dynamics and the way they affect languages, groupings, and religions.

9. The Future of the Internet: This course discusses the issues of network neutrality and ownership on the Internet.

10. The Literature of Crisis: Learn the art of living and take a look at the circumstances of existence through discussions on writers and thinkers including Socrates and Shakespeare.

11. Historical Jesus: This course considers the historical evidence of Jesus against that of traditional Christianity.

12. Virgil's Aeneid: Here you'll get an analysis of this work that is essential to the canon of Latin literature.

13. Computer Systems Colloquium: In this podcast, you'll hear from guest lecturers that discuss topics like VoIP encryption, computer architecture, and balancing methods."

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