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Literature Critical Thinking Courses by James Stobaugh...

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I looked them up and found one very favorable review for American Lit. (on the Christianbooks website) I agree, they look good. You can see a list of the works in the TOC, I like the selections for all of them, and I also liked the "Fifty Classics" My only comment is that they don't seem to have a "ranking" as far as which grade you might choose-suggested ages are 13-19.(which is pretty wide ranging) So I guess you just kind of pick the program you want and it wouldn't matter which grade the student was in. My student likes British Lit, I may try it! Thanks for the info- curiously, I wonder what goes into the DVD?


My dd is currently doing the standard 9th grade English course (through Indiana Univ) and it's definitely challenging for her with the grammar, essays, and tests that are required. However, the actual Reading selections are not so challenging. I was thinking to add some kind of a lit course for next year but I didn't want it to be too overwhelming because she will be doing the standard 10th grade English next year. The online lit courses (Potters school, scholars online) do keep you on a schedule, but it can be stressful if you have a lot of other classes. If we did one of those lit courses she would be exposed to a higher reading level (and vocab) and you could tailor the writing requirements as you wanted. May I dare to hope that the teachers manual is handholding?:001_smile:


Thanks for the heads up!! If I end up ordering one do you want me to let you know what I think?

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I was looking at this today and it looks interesting and comprehensive. Just wondering if anyone has used any of these and what your opinion is of the courses?


Go here and at the bottom of the page type Stobaugh into the google search (click on "Search http://www.wtmboard.com)". There are a lot of us who have purchased them and then sold them. Perhaps the newer editions are better?




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We are using the Literary Analysis course this year. We are not remotely using it as written, however. We watch the scope and sequence DVD to learn about the literary term or subject of the week, read the books, and write either a paragraph or 5 paragraph essay for the "goal" or "challenge question". I would have used more of the program had I not already had the Abeka 10th grade lit course as well (we are doing both). I think most people feel there is not enough explanation in the writing instructions (true), but I have used IEW in the past for writing, so we just incorporate what we know from that into the assignments. Now that I have had a year to get to know it, I feel more comfortable and may use more of the program with my next 2 dd's. The tests are nice, and I like the Biblical application questions as well. This is not a literature guide - so be warned. You have to know the book yourself, or get some Sparknotes in order to discuss the book if you really want it to be a full literature class. The lessons focus on a pretty narrow topic - at least in this course. We also skip the journal writing, writing style tips, peer evaluation and vocabulary. That said, we have had a good year and have a much better grasp of how to pick apart literature.

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