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K12 Virtual Academy - anyone in one of these?

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I'm curious, too. I suspect I would be even more burned out trying to motivate dd13 to get her work done by the deadlines. And I think I would be frustrated with how much time it would take and the inability to do other fun things.


Where we are, elementary students have to travel to meet face-to-face with teachers 1-2 days a week and high school kids 2-3 days a week.


Other than all that, it does sound tempting!

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Actually, the placement tests are not face-to-face. You do them online and talk over the phone about the results. Just the SOLs are in person, and the field trips of you choose to participate. What ages are you considering it for?


Call sometime, and I'd be happy to chat about it. Main pros- no planning, turn the computer on and go, rigorous curriculum, kids are learning a ton, if you do the extras, and skip the (usually optional) busywork, the kids will enjoy it. Cons- there is a lot of work, so when you are using it with a lot of younger kids (or older kids who need a lot of parental supervision/input) it is hard to make time for the fun extras. It is secular, obviously, so you have to keep discussing your family's beliefs and how they may differ.


However, I get the work done, including science experiments and report writing. Overall, it has been very good for us.


Hugs to you, sorry you have been feeling overwhelmed. :grouphug: Amy

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Different states have different requirements for the face to face meetings. Definitely check with someone in your state. CA has many more requirements and f2fs than a lot of other states.


Bonuses: no planning it out, no cost. Good accountability to get it done, if that is what you need.

Negatives (imo): Less flexible school year, government involvement. Meeting someone else's expectations.


Good luck!

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Yes, we are using it. Want to come look at it? I am using some 3rd grade, some 2nd grade, and some 1st grade subjects (I combine the 1st and 3rd grader in 2nd grade History and Art). I used middle school courses last year as well, but don't have the materials. We can tell you about them, though.


We will continue using it next year, so if you decide to, maybe we can get together for a few of the fun projects for our 4th graders. 4th graders do VA History, so it might be fun to do a couple of field trips, too. Of course, I'll use any excuse to get together! :)



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