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Keeping a 9th grader in D level with TOG

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Forgive me for asking this again, but I am curious if anyone has anyone done this? I am thinking of keeping her in D level but adding some R level lit books on our own. Slowly work towards R level work as the year progresses and put her in R in 10th. What do you think?

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Your plan would work fine. What good would it to to push your dd into the R level when she's not ready for it? It would only frustrate her and you because she'd be floundering around in work that's way over her head.


Not everyone agrees with this but the first couple years of college are spent introducing students to R level work. Even if your dd only does R level in gr 12 or in grades 11 and 12 it will still help prepare her for college. It's not about their grade level. It's more about the academic level they are working in NOW. Work with her at her current level.


I've heard Marcia and other TOG authors say this very same thing.

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I think that my plan for my 9th grader next year is to do rhetoric level history work. Then I plan to ease into rhetoric level literature. How?? Not sure. I'll let you know. I don't have my year 3 yet to be able to plan it out. I will have him read the rhetoric level works, I think but perhaps not do the work that goes with them or modify it quite a bit.



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I'm encouraged as well, Jean. My plan for next year is to put my 9th grade/14 yo in D history and R literature. I expect that the R lit will be tough, but we'll see how it goes. If she doesn't do well with the R lit, then we'll pare back and see how it goes. She has been doing the D level history for about a year now, and still struggles, so I don't want to move her up at this point.

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Hi Jean,

giving our experience, hope it will help.


We've gone back and forth on TOG (as I think from researching WTM and other things, you may be also). One disservice I think I've done to ds is putting him in rhetoric before he's been ready. He's been frustrated - feels the answers aren't there, feels the reading is "boring" (I read that it's too much), and is having trouble getting all the work I assign completed which leads to grounding, frustration and him hating it.

Being as honest as possible here. Depends on the kid. His younger sister, I think, would work till her fingers fell off to please me and "finish" all of her work. This guy, if he's not into it, it's not happening without a fight, kwim?


All this to say, I'd really look at what he's doing now before placing that big of a workload on 'em. I think the year has alot to do with it also.

Year 1 rhetoric - blech. He just couldn't stand the Egyptians and their literature :) It was a tough year. Year 2 may not be much better but hopefully after my post on why do this if there's something easier type thread and the great answers I received on modifying TOG to fit our needs, hopefully we'll see much improvement.


One last thing - we've discussed often the idea of switching, ditching etc. with this guy and each and every time he says he has learned sooo much with TOG at the rhetoric level. More than anything ever before.


Marcia quotes from Proverbs spare not for their crying.


Not telling you one way or the other what I'd do - your kid isn't mine - just sharing our trials (and success that he's learned so much). Prayers for a wise decision. You could always ramp up subjects over time too.

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