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We've been having trouble getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas holidays. It's been hard getting the kids to focus, pay attention etc etc. Has anyone else experienced teaching to someone who is hanging upside down over the edge of a chair or doing a headstand?


Anyway, we've had an occupational therapist working with my kids for one morning a week. She's implemented some changes and they are working well.


For my perfectionist DD6 who is highly anxious about ever making a mistake she's written little stories and made a 'goal of the week' chart and working on how to calm herself down when she doesn't know something.


For my wriggly DS7 she has actually got him sitting up straight and still to do handwriting by improving the 'ergonomics' of his desk.


She is getting (and making improvements!) at teaching my kids how to focus and concentrate and self motivate. There is now a chart she made with the kids hanging on the wall reminding them to eat their nuts, drink their water or take an exercise break if they are having trouble concentrating. They have an exercise break after every 20 minutes.


Sorry this post got longer than I intended. I wanted other people to comment on what they find does / doesn't work to get kids to remain upright and focussed.

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They sound perfectly normal to me. My ds especially did many of his lessons hanging upside down off his chair. I'm glad to say that he is now 12 and no longer has that problem ;). When he hit 5th grade, thing got a lot better. While what you are describing is certainly frustrating, I think it is perfectly normal. My 8ds and 10dd still have a lot of trouble staying focused, even more so now that the baby is no longer a baby but a toddler who wants to be in the middle of everything. I often have to send my dd back to her room to work or she would get nothing done while the 2 year old is up.


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