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Dishwasher Magic

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Can I just say that I love this product? My dishwasher had gotten so full of calcium and gunk that....well...it sounded like a cow in labor every time we ran it. (I'm guessing that's not a good sound???) And, the dishes were covered in a film. Not attractive at all.


I thought it was a goner. We've tried to clean it with no real success. I was eyeing the outlet stores and thinking about spending some of the tax dollars on a new one.


Then I did a bit of research and decided to do two things...run a cycle with CLR and then with Dishwasher Magic. After the CLR cycle, things sounded better, but not great. Ran the next cycle with 2 bottles of Dishwasher Magic. Ran a third cycle with another bottle of Dishwasher Magic...but I probably didn't need to. By then, the dishwasher was as quiet as the day we put it in.




I'm so happy that I'll have clean dishes again AND I spent less than $15!



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