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Recipe needed for lower fat deviled eggs

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I didn't see the original post so but I am famous for my deviled eggs. Instead of mayo, I use fat free honey mustard dressing mixed with yolks. People go nuts over them and I get requests to bring them to different events I attend. I don't understand it (I hate hard boiled eggs lol) but they do.

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I have successfully subbed plain yogurt (but whole milk) for mayo on a sandwich before, so you could give it a try. The lower in fat the yogurt the tangier the taste. In order to get the consistency more like mayo, you may want to use Greek style (which is already very thick) or simply drain regular yogurt for several hours in a sieve lined with paper towels (over a bowl, naturally). That will make it more the consistency of thick sour cream. You could try the lowfat yogurt, but I don't know that the fat free one would work. The fat free Greek style I've had tasted very chalky.


We usually do curried deviled eggs (curry powder, garam masala, mayo, maybe a touch of cumin or cayenne) and that might lend itself better to the yogurt than recipes that use sweet pickles, for instance. Personally, I intensely dislike sweet ingredients for deviled eggs, so we don't do the pickles or pickle relish. The mayo we use doesn't have any sugar at all in it, either, so switching to a lighter mayo (all of which seem to have some sort of sweetener) wouldn't cut it for us.

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