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Who combines Henle w/ Lingua Latina? How do you schedule? Thanks!

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For Henle you would need to buy the following:

Henle I text

Henle's Grammar

Henle Answer Key - You can buy it here:http://www.olvs.org/ShopCart/InvList.aspx?a=54


There are two study guides for Henle. The one from Memoria moves pretty slowly, but the one by Laura Berquist has two tracks. You don't *need* a study guide, but I'm just letting you know about them. :)


For Lingua Latina you will need the following:

Lingua Latina - Familia Romana

The College Companion - This new guide explains all of the Latin grammar, in English, for each chapter. It also contains the Latin/English vocabulary for each chapter.

The Instructor's Materials - contain the answers to all the Pensa (in the text) and Exercitia. You only need this if you plan to actually do the exercises. If you plan to use LL just for reading, then you don't need the Instructor's Materials.


I am assuming you want to use Henle as your main text, and LL as just a reader. If that is the case, then get a good start with Henle (about 6 chapters, or so), and then begin reading LL. Read each chapter several times. It is deceptively easy at first, but there really is a lot going on, which will be more apparent as you progress through the book. As soon as you encounter grammar you are not familiar with, stop, go back to Henle, work through several chapters, and then return to LL, etc.


It is difficult to use the programs in tandem, since they teach the grammar in a completely different sequence. The above "schedule" is the closest you'll get to blending the two programs.


Hope that helps! Have fun, and please share how things go once you get started with the programs. I love to see how others are doing w/LL. :)

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