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Tell me how to do High School Science

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I think there are many options. If you don't feel comfortable teaching this yourself, you could use an online class. Most online courses use Apologia. Scholars Online uses college level texts and is a more rigorous choice.


You could get your own books and use Thinkwell videos to supplement. I like to interlibrary loan a couple teacher's manuals that I may have heard of on here or that a local school may use. Look through them and see if any appeal to you. Often the books have a correlating lab manual. Or you could use a homeschool lab kit.

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If you love Prentice Hall for Middle School, then definitely look at their high school textbooks. You can add documentaries when you want to.


As for labs, the vast majority of classroom schools do very LITTLE labs at all. I think some schools don't do any labs at all. I wonder if there are online virtual labs where you can watch labs being done???


I think high school science doesn't need to be more 'difficult', just more 'detailed' than middle school science.

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