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What inexpensive items can I put into a Go-Green Ecofriendly Gift basket?

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Clothes line with clothes pins or drying rack

Battery charger with rechargeable batteries

Books on making your own cleaning products with ingredients (vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, spray bottles)

Cloth diapers (just a couple!) or some eco-friendly disposables

Glass food storage containers

Cloth napkins, cloth towels for kitchen use, cloth rags for cleaning

Flourescent light bulbs


Look through a website like Gaiam - they have a TON of fun ideas!

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BTW, I really like the local vendor items. If you can't find things this time of year, maybe just include a flyer from your Cooperative Extension office -- ours puts out a Farmers' Market Directory. I know, sounds too much like work! But, having spent years as one of "those" farmers, this would be a real plus to your basket!


Not sure if YOU are buying these things all on your own or if others are contributing. Hopefully, it's a joint venture because this would be a lot for any one person.


Other ideas:


Fair trade coffee and reusable travel mug

Kleen Kanteen to replace plastic water bottles

earth friendly dish soap (BioKleen, Seventh Gen., Ecover, etc.)

rechargeable batteries and charger

recycled computer paper

natural sponges or loofah for use in sink or shower

soy or beeswax candles

catalog for future purchases (Seventh Generation/Real Goods/other)



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if you sew and have some extra material around, it's real easy to sew some re-usable grocery bags (or our grocery stores are selling them here for only .99cents a piece). we were making some ourselves, using a plastic grocery bag as a pattern until my sewing machine broke :(


if you want to be REAL green, add some worms in a vented glass jar with instructions for worm composting. to me, glass is always better than plastic. I don't know if that's politically correct green speak or not, just something I learned from my very green (not on purpose, but out of necessity) grandmother.

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