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book on teaching math?


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MOTL . . . Math on the Level???


Yep. Sorry about that. I just feel cool if I can use acronyms like everyone else. It is a collection of teaching guides and comes with a concept chart, so it is sort of a "build your own" curriculum, except all the info is there in the teaching guides. Does that make any sense? I'm a smidge sleep deprived so my brain is fuzzy. If you are interested and can't find the info you're looking for on their website, jump onto their yahoo group and ask. They're very helpful.




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http://www.jamieyorkpress.com/making-math-meaningful-a-source-book-for-grades-1-5/ I want this but do not have it.


Eclectic Manual is free and old and very good.


Waldorf Math African Style is my favorite.


There is a bit more African Waldorf math in the Grade 3 and Child Development pdfs.


Old Childcraft book.

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