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which is more challenging--SL P3/4 or BFIAR?

Which should I do first for a 2 1/2 year old?  

  1. 1. Which should I do first for a 2 1/2 year old?

    • Do SL P3/4 (easier) first, then BFIAR (harder)
    • Do BFIAR (easier) first, then SL P3/4 (harder)
    • Either one, they are equally challenging for this age
    • They are both way too hard for almost any 2 1/2 year old

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Which would you start first for a 2 1/2 year old: Sonlight P3/4 (technically the old "Core A," but they are the same books) or Before Five in a Row? Or do you feel they are equally challenging for this age? I would like to do both, and want to start with the easier program, as 2 1/2 is on the young side. If it helps, I am figuring 9 months for P3/4 and 6 months for BFIAR, allowing for holidays, etc., so I am hoping they will get dd up to her 4th birthday.



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I am not using a curriculum with my 2 1/2 yr old but I am going to use the reading suggestions from sonlight for their preschool mixed with other books and just read all that I can. Personally for this age I don't think a curriculum is really needed. Just reading and crafts. Maybe learn the alphabet and number recognition by counting everything. We have the alphabet on the wall for him and we try to sing abc and I have counting cats which he loves. The cats are different colors too so we practice those. We also have a shape puzzle that he is learning the shapes from and enjoys. Have you ever heard of tot school? It is a blog with some ideas too. I think it has great ideas. http://lapbooksbycarisa.homestead.com/TotSchool.html


Another great link is letter of the week http://www.letteroftheweek.com/preschool_age_3.html


Btw, if I was going to use a curriculum I would do BFIAR and add sonlights reading books and some tot school lapbooks.

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I voted, but I am going to recall my vote. I voted Sonlight first b/c I thought it's just pretty much just read alouds - but I looked at the program again and that's what changed my mind. We bought a lot of the books from the 3/4 core for my son this year (3-4 years old) and he really wasn't into most of the books until just recently. So, I would not start Sonlight 3/4 with a 2.5 year old. We did BFIAR last year at about 2.5/3 and I hated it. I just never got into it. Didn't like the planning, the suggested activities, etc.


What I am doing with my 2-3 dd next year is the MFW Lauri Toy selections and a bunch of read alouds from the library.


I also did Letter of the Week with ds when he turned 3 and we enjoyed that.

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I think a lot of people do SL P3/4 with Kindergarteners even. I had BFIAR, but I'm not really into those type of activities. There are a lot of BFIAR and FIAR things on www.homeschoolshare.com. You might check it out.


Personally, I don't do anything formal with a 2-y-o. My 3.5y-o was interested in doing some school like his sisters this past year, so I did try to have a few things around for him. Next school year, when he's 4.5, I plan to do SL P4/5 and work on his reading/phonics more regularly. However, I do know of lots of people who don't do anything formal until even later.

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I think some of the BFIAR books are easier. I have owned or borrowed all of the SL books and there are several I don't care for at all, and a couple that are just so-so. I think overall the BFIAR selection is better and better for that age in general.


But I agree that no curriculum is necessary for that age, and what those curriculums really boil down to is reading lots of books, which is plenty. You can do the activities in the curriculums, but to me with a toddler/preschooler it feels contrived to do so. OTOH, the BFIAR manual is not very expensive and is a good resource if you would like ideas for things to do when the mood strikes.

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With my 2.5 yr old I am using learn and grow prek and I love it. http://www.homeschool-your-boys.com/learnandgrowpreschoolcurriculum.html


I tried BFIAR and it didn't have enough structure or specifics for me. Also my son didn't care for reading the same book over and over. I haven't tried core A. But the guide looked to unstructured for me as well. Learn and grow has all kinds of neat activities as well as tons of book suggestions. My 2 yr old will come up to me and clap his hands and say Do my school Mom! He gets so excited when we pull it out. I have tried lots of prek programs and this is by far my favorite.

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I voted B4FIAR first then SL P3/4, but honestly, it will work better if you wait another year to start. The B4 books are very gentle and sweet but the activities are geared to an older 3 or 4 yo IMHO. SL cores in my experience are most enjoyable when your kids are on the older end of the age range. Then they get so much more out of the reading and it's more fun for you too.

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Before FIAR books aren't meant to be read over and over like the regular FIAR lessons, for what that's worth. It's more that there are suggestions for when you happen to read the book and want to extend the fun. And there are lots of generic preschool play ideas in the second half of the manual.


I wouldn't say it's 'challenging' ... it's meant to be gentle. We like it here.

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