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Good flu medication?

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We just got over this. We used the Osci . .. . (however it's spelled!). We also used Theraflu on my oldest. That stuff worked REALLY well on him. Motrin would not bring his very high fever down much (from 105 - 103 or so). Theraflu brought it down to 100 quickly.


:grouphug: I know how hard it is to have sick ones!!

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Nothing beats Oscillococcinum. The faster you start them on it, the shorter the symptoms will be. We also use Zicam for flu. And plain old vinegar in the ears doesn't hurt a bit, either!


I wholeheartedly second this. It's more effective when taken w/in the first 24 hours of symptoms. Also get some Emergen-C and get 5000-10,000 mg a day in each child (less for the younger ones) for a day or two. You back off when their stomachs become upset.


I hope they feel better soon. Anyone in the house that's not sick can take the Oscillococcinum now as a preventative measure. :001_smile:

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