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Which logic progression - Memoria or Classical Academic Press.

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My oldest (8th grade) did Introductory and Intermediate Logic with Classical Conversations this year. I want her to do Logic and Rhetoric in high school and I'm not sure what to use. I'm not wedded to whatever would normally come after Intro and Intermediate Logic.


How do the Memoria Press products differ from Art of Argument and Argument Builder etc from Classical Academic Press? What exactly is Material Logic? I see that on the Memoria Press list.




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I cannot comment on the other program that you mentioned, since I never used it, but we used both Traditional Logic I and Traditional Logic II and found them very easy to implement. My oldest dd, who went through both TL I and TL II, preferred those texts to Introductory Logic. They're very well laid-out (although I know that IL has been revised, and I have not seen that revised version) and thorough.

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